Course Curriculum


Thank you for joining Arduino Step by Step!

I appreciate you taking the time to study this exciting topic, and I hope that in this course you will find what you need and become a competent Arduino Maker.

As you go through the lectures, it is likely that you will reach a problem. Something doesn't make sense, something isn't working as expected, a sketch doesn't compile, etc.

Whenever possible spend a bit of time trying to fix technical problems by yourself. Fixing technical problems is a very good way to learn things that no book or instructor can teach. Even in today's super-connected world with amazing educational resources, people can only learn by applying themselves to their study and by stretching their skills, day after day.

If you are just starting now with electronics and with writing programs, I invite you to download and read my free Arduino Comprehensive Starting Guide Up Guide for Complete Beginners. This ebook will help you understand the basic of Arduino as a hardware platform, and ease your path to programming in C/C++.

If you have done your best and the problem persists, you can always rely on me and the community to help you out. There is a comments box at the bottom of each lecture page that you can use to ask a question.

There is also a page on Facebook, and a presence on Twitter (@txplore and @futureshocked).

Use whichever method you like. I will do my best to help you, but if I have no clue I'll just say "I don't know!". The only reason I don't say that for all your questions is because I spent a lot of time researching each one.

If you find errors in the course, please use any of the contact methods to let me know. It is far from perfect, but fixing errors is my first priority, ahead of adding content.

SUPER IMPORTANT: I recently completely restructured this course in an effort to make it easier to navigate and expand. As a consequence, several of the lecture numbers mentioned inside lectures don't correspond with the lecture number in the curriculum. You can still find the lectures you are looking for based on their name. So please remember that any reference to a lecture number within videos is likely to be incorrect, please use lecture names instead!


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